YOUR CONSULTANT IS Rob and Kaitie Gilmour

My Story

My name is Kaitie Gilmour and I would LOVE to help you!   I started my journey as a Scentsy consultant by hosting a party. I loved the idea of working from home and jumped on the opportunity! I was working a full time job while my three kids were in daycare and I wanted more than anything to be a stay at home mom.
Well, I put my all into my new business and I'm not saying it was easy but it has been SO worth it. I have made a 'family' of new people between my 'coworkers' and people in my community that I never would have met had it not been for Scentsy. I've traveled to places I never would have seen without Scentsy. AND to top it all off I never have to miss a school event or milestone for our now family of six children!  
As your consultant I commit to excellent customer service and satisfaction. I do everything I can to make you a happy customer. If you choose to join our team, as a mentor for you and your business I commit to guiding you in the right direction. I can't do the work for you and I can't promise it'll be easy but, I can promise to be by your side through the whole process.